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Foundational Content

Mission Statement: Plumia

About Plumia
The world has changed, but our systems are not keeping up. The internet and remote work has made the world into a global market, yet the infrastructure we live with is built along national borders, and national borders are still hard to cross. So much is decided based on where

Charter of Rights & Philosophy: #WorkAnywhere

We champion the right of remote & hybrid workers. Read our philosophy & remote work charter of rights.


Social Connection in Remote Work Report 2022
The first-ever study on workplace loneliness that incorporates data from non-home remote work environments.
Smart Lockers: 2022 and the new office space
Hybrid Office Smart Lockers for personal storage - creating a safe and secure location for personal items.


How to create your own self-employed benefits package
Navigate the process of setting up a self-employed benefits package with this detailed guide. Learn about health insurance, retirement plans, and more.
4 ways to manage your energy at work throughout the day
It’s natural for your energy to fluctuate. But struggling with energy is usually your body’s way of saying something’s up. Here’s how to manage your energy at work.
The Ups and Downs of Life as a Disabled Digital Nomad
In this commentary, Leanna Lee shares the financial and health-related pros and cons of her experiences as a disabled digital nomad. This commentary is
5 ways to support employees who are disabled or chronically ill
People with disabilities and chronic illnesses still face discrimination and limited accommodation at work. Here’s how we can create a more accessible and inclusive workplace.
Lean into slow seasons of work: focus on your mental health
Slow seasons require a lot of discipline and tenacity, but they’re a great time for reflection and planning. Here’s how to do it.
How people-first companies combine synchronous and asynchronous communication to build a better workplace
How do you strike the right balance between flexible, async communication and making space for real-time connections? We turned to the PFJ community to find out.
How to work through busy seasons with bad mental health | Zapier
These are 5 lessons I’ve learned from working through busy seasons as a business owner with bad mental health—and how you can apply them.
How I built a podcast workflow in Asana | Zapier
Discover how to manage a podcast in Asana with a streamlined workflow, allowing for efficient team collaboration and organization in podcast production.
How to choose a podcast hosting platform (with examples) | Zapier
Here’s what to look for when picking a podcast hosting platform, with examples to help you choose the right one.
How to be a digital nomad: Set up your home office on the road | Zapier
Becoming a digital nomad comes with a whole set of challenges. Here are some tips for how to approach it and be successful at your job.
Karoli Hindriks: ‘People’s opportunities depend on the coincidence of their birthplace’
The Estonian entrepreneur on designing nomad visas, upgrading immigration policies, and shaping the future of passports.
Parag Khanna: ‘Digital nomads are the tip of the spear’
The bestselling author on how digital nomadism is a form of cross-border activism.
How to take care of your team’s well-being during uncertain times | Zapier
When the world is in chaos, you need to help employees take care of their well-being. Here are some tips.
How to set mental health boundaries as a business owner | Zapier
If you run your own business, setting mental health boundaries is a great way to advocate for yourself and your business.
Creating the future of AR with Niantic and 8th Wall
Niantic is taking things a giant leap further: leading the world in augmented reality development.
How to talk to your clients about mental health issues | Zapier
Talking to your clients about mental health is important, whether you’re struggling with wellness and it’s affecting your work or the work itself is causing stress.
Forget the remote vs in-office debate, we need a personalized approach
The way we view work is changing fundamentally. Instead of remote vs in-office, we need to start thinking about personalized work schedules.
Track your mental health and productivity (with template) | Zapier
To help me track my mental health in relation to my work life, I created a productivity tracker. Here’s the template I used—and how it worked.
6 ways my mental health has helped me work better | Zapier
After years of work (and therapy!), I’ve learned to appreciate that my mental health actually helps me work better. Here’s how.
Join the mental health conversation in your marketing | Zapier
To join the mental health conversation, I need you to throw away the content marketing rulebook. Here’s how to do that.
How digital nations like Plumia help digital nomads thrive
The tech workforce is embracing digital nomadism – working wherever you want – in droves, but practical problems abound. Could digital nations like Plumia help?
A community of digital nomads wants to build an internet country for digital citizens
A new community of digital nomads called Plumia is advocating for the development of borderless digital nations. Could this be the future?
The Freelance Photographer’s Guide to Mental Health and Self-Care
Self-care has never been more important.
Tips on Live-streaming From Singer-songwriter, Megan Slankard | Patreon Blog
Looking for advice on how to set up and monetize your live-stream? San Francisco based musician, Megan Slankard, has got you covered.
How Content Marketers Are Managing Stress in Coronavirus Isolation
Leading a remote team under quarantine can be tough. Here’s how fellow content marketing professionals are managing stress in isolation.
How Licensed Therapist Kati Morton Uses Her Platform for Good | Patreon Blog
Kati Morton has a loyal and loving following both on and off Patreon. Find out how this licensed therapist, author, and YouTuber (and Patreon creator!) is making positive impact while making a living.
Why Paul Scheer’s Secret to Success is Putting Creativity First | Patreon Blog
To Paul Scheer, the award-winning performer, creative, and dad, success has more to do creating than selling yourself.
5 Tips For Creating Content On The Go | Patreon Blog
You might think that constantly creating content means never taking a break, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are 5 tips for creating content on the go.
For Einstürzende Neubauten, Creative Freedom is Nothing New | Patreon Blog
Pioneering musical act, Einstürzende Neubauten, have been expanding the limits of rock and industrial for over 40 years. To learn why independence has always been vital to the band’s music, read on.
Building social change. uses membership for their global community. Vessy’s story began in 2007 when she came out publicly during her sophomore year by publishing an article in her student magazine.