I need life to just calm the eff down already

How do you get stuff done with limited energy? Asking for a friend. I nearly didn't write this post. Not because I have anything controversial to say but because I'm once again working

Managing energy in chaos when you're chronically ill

It's been, well, another month. Since early September, I have: * Moved from a friend's house to a long-stay hotel * Started a new (and my first) full-time job * Attended a health advocate conference in

Surviving my first (ever) week of full-time work

Dear readers, I've had a long week, so please forgive this shorter update. I might be a bit less wordy for the next month or so as I focused on this professional transition.

When nomads stay put

Sorry for the short one this time! I'm still recovering from a lot of changes, a recent move, and insomnia. But stay tuned for a new series about disabled/ill/ND experiences in