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It’s no secret that good mental health makes work life easier. However, this is not a luxury we can all easily afford.
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Thanks to the pandemic, the added strain of running — or even losing —a business runs alongside adapting to regulations, on-site Covid transmission risks and changes in consumer behaviors and preferences.
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Starting right now, it’s time to crisis-proof your business. Here are seven steps to take to help you prepare for the unexpected.
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Employees and companies alike are embracing the benefits of working from home, including improved productivity, travel options and fewer office costs.
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Maintaining employeemental health this winter should be on every companies’ radars.
Guest Post: Cat DiStasio shares writers’ secrets to their best year ever - Technology Content Marketing Writer | Jennifer Goforth Gregory - Raleigh Freelance Technology Writer
Note from Jennifer: Sometimes, we have discussions in the Freelance Content Marketing Writer group on Facebook that make me wish every writer out there could learn from the experiences being shared. Back in August, I published a roundup of productivity tips from writers in the group, and today’s pos…
My mental illness insists on joining me on holiday
As people prepare to head off on holiday one artist illustrates the challenges travellers with mental health difficulties may face.