Are you a manager or a control freak? (Bettermental S2 Ep1)

Are you a manager or a control freak? (Bettermental S2 Ep1)
Bettermental shenignans my my co-host Mike during our first brand shoot.

I always thought I was the control freak in my podcast relationship. I'm the micromanager. I lead our weekly calls, remind Mike of deadlines, and oversee our production team.

But as we were outlining this episode, I got a shock: turns out Mike is one, too! This thing is, we show our controlling tendencies (and hide them) in different ways. I won't spoil the episode for you, but it was kind of fascinating to learn about a whole new side of my co-host.

In our first full episode of season 2 (Control vs Management), Mike and I explore how control shows up for us, what we mean when we talk about "management," and what those two concepts look like in mental health and business.  

Give it a listen!

And if you're feeling a bit lost and wondering what the fuck you stumbled into, it's okay! Yes, I kind of started this in the middle. So to clue you in a bit more about the podcast, here's, me and my cohost giving you the rundown of our new season.

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